Curated Property Searches

Your time is precious. At VERY, we listen to your needs and tailor your home searches to fit them.  By leveraging our market expertise, experience and the Compass Collection tool, we maximize your time and get you into a new home efficiently.

Seamless Coordination

Did you know that the average real estate transaction includes approximately 10 different players? At VERY, we realize managing all the different parties can be overwhelming to the busy home-buyer, and many home-buyers don’t even know where to find all the players they will need. We pride ourselves on being your right-hand to guide you through the process, introduce you to mortgage lenders, title agents, insurance brokers, home inspectors, and more to orchestrate a seamless transaction coordinating the players on your behalf.

Knowledge-based Decisions

We believe that knowledge is power and we are nerdy about data. When you’ve found a property that fits your lifestyle, we will provide you with an interactive Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), the key metrics that are influencing market value, and help you analyze the information to craft an offer strategy that is data-based. You will gain such an education around the real estate market, the value of properties and the art of negotiating a purchase, that you will feel confident that you’ve made a sound decision on what can be a very emotional purchase.