October 6, 2013

It’s All About Service

As a generation, I think we’ve become spoiled with instantaneous communication.  If we don’t receive a text back within a few minutes or are forced to wait too long for a website to load, we’re perplexed and annoyed.  Yet somehow we are resigned to accept that we will wait on hold with the utility company as we’re bounced from menu to menu or that we may not hear back from a service provider for 48 hours.  We are content in knowing that this “is what it is” and we pay for a standard of service that is less than what we would accept in our personal lives.  But, why?

At VERY we recognize the importance of superior service.  For many, buying a home is the most expensive purchase made in a lifetime.  We will only accept that we provide our clients with the standard of service they expect of their personal relationships: timely communication, precise results, and an experience worth remembering.  It’s time to apply the art of hospitality to real estate sales.  You should accept nothing less.

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