October 18, 2013

New Report Shows Philadelphia as Thriving 21st Century City

Last week Philly’s own Paul Levy, CEO of the Center City District, was a presenter at the International Downtown Association World Congress and 59th Annual Conference in NYC.  He had some great news to share about our city:

–           Philadelphia is Number 10 in the nation for live/work percentage.  40.7% of the population living within a mile of downtown also work within a mile of downtown.  Pretty fun fact.  To put it in perspective, Manhattan is Number 1 with 55.9% of its population doing the same thing.

–          The number of live-work residents in Philadelphia is on the rise!  From 2000 to 2010, the population of live-work residents increased by 16.3%.

–          Our city is among the top 5 downtowns in the nation for number of jobs per acre.  At 203 jobs per acre, downtown Philadelphia joins Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco in extremely high job density.  To really understand how impactful this statistic is, it’s important to note that employment across the United States averages 0.05 jobs per acre and only 28 major urban employment centers achieved a density of over 100 jobs per acre.

The report showcases Philadelphia as a thriving 21st century city and offers interesting facts on the resurgence of downtown living.  Take a look at the full report:  Downtown Rebirth