“Elizabeth and the VERY Team helped me purchase my first home in Washington Square West.  At the time, I had only been living in Philadelphia for a few months, and was very inexperienced in the home buying market. But Elizabeth and the VERY family was there with me every step of the way.  They took the time to determine what I was looking for in a home and worked overtime, day and night, to help me find it. The VERY Team was very patient and informative in presenting various properties until I found a place within my budget that I loved. Then, Elizabeth and the VERY Team fought for me in the negotiations and guided me throughout the entire process. I have been in my home for nearly three years now, and every time I am complimented about it, I have VERY Real Estate to thank. Not only is VERY Real Estate a team of consummate professionals zealously dedicated to their clients, but I am very fortunate to have them as my friends.”

– Jared

“We cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with Elizabeth Convery and VERY Real Estate. We were introduced to VERY after being referred by a friend. After learning about VERY’s concierge style to home buying, we felt like VERY would be a good fit for us, two busy professionals trying to find time to see houses. We were right. Elizabeth and the rest of the VERY staff were so attentive and responsive during each step of the home buying process. I recommended VERY Real Estate to every one I know!”

– Marguerite & Steve

“I started working with VERY from the start of my quest to purchase a home, after hearing very positive reviews from friends and family. From Day 1, I was impressed with their hospitality, professionalism and commitment to finding my dream home. Two specific occurrences stood out to me that exemplified my initial feelings.

First, after discussing my price range, my realtor Joe took me to different parts of Philadelphia to show me what I could afford in each neighborhood. I’ve always heard Philadelphia is a city made up of neighborhoods, and this activity really drove that reality home! I never realized how much diversity there was in relation to size, architectural style and overall feel of a home. It was surprising and eye-opening to see my options. Joe – and by extension VERY Realty – had the philosophy that it is important to not only know the type of home you want, but also the type of neighborhood. Armed with my price range and a general sense of what I was looking for, Joe put together a fantastic array of homes to show me showcasing all different areas of the city. This helped me not only hone in on the type of home I wanted, but also what type of neighborhood I was looking for.

Relatedly, Joe made it a point to take me to homes I liked at different points of the day and week to gauge the overall feel of the neighborhood during the day, at night, on the weekend and during a typical weekday. I absolutely loved this idea. As he said, you’ll be living in your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It wasn’t accurate to gauge my interest in an area or home at only one point of the day. This allowed me to consider other factors such as automotive and foot traffic, noise level, how well-lit an area was at night and how crowded/sparse an area was.

Second, very early into my search, Joe and I sat down and went through the VERY-specific process they called “80/10/10”. This task involved grouping my desired features into three categories – 80% of what I needed in a potential home, 10% of what I really wanted, and 10% of what I wanted (but could live without). This helped make my search much more manageable and downright enjoyable!
Once I settled on a specific home, I heavily relied on VERY Realty to assist me with the more technical nuances of making an offer, establishing a down-payment and obtaining a pre-approval for a mortgage. Every individual or company VERY recommended to me was very hospitable and knowledgeable. Knowing I was a first-time buyer, they all took their time to explain their particular step in the entire process and what my options were at every step of the way.

Even to this day – over two years after I bought my home – Elizabeth and Joe regularly reach out to me to see how I am and confirm I am still satisfied with my purchase. I have since referred VERY to several friends and will continue to do so.

They made the daunting process of buying a home efficient, easy-to-understand and quite enjoyable.”

– Todd

“The VERY team was amazing to work with when we bought our first home. When sat down with Elizabeth at the very beginning, she made us feel comfortable and really got a sense of what we were looking for in a home. You could tell that she had an excellent knowledge of the market and the various neighborhoods in the city. As first time buyers, we knew the process was going to be overwhelming no matter what, and the VERY team was responsive, considerate and extremely helpful in guiding us each step of the way. Throughout the search, we never felt rushed or pressured and they referred us to quality professionals we could trust. It felt like working with family who genuinely cared about us. We were so lucky to work with her and her team and couldn’t be more grateful to them for helping us find our first home.”

– Shannon & Chris

“Ilana is a treasure, extremely professional and provides wonderful, personal service.  She has a keen eye previewing your house and working with the photographer.  Additionally her knowledge of the area, schools, services, etc. is helpful when marketing your property.  The whole experience was fantastic.”

– Barbara