May 8, 2020

Redefining HOME

Home.  Noun the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. Oxford dictionary.

What a bland definition for a word that means so very much.  Especially now.  

In these challenging, unprecedented, extraordinary (how many definitions can we use to describe?) times, our definition of home has dramatically changed.  

For me, home has always been my place of rest.  The sanctuary that envelopes me in peace the minute I walk through the door.  It’s the place I return to after a long day to the comfort of voices, smiles and embraces that are familiar and safe.  Home, to me, is a feeling.  

Today, home is still safe.  It’s still a place of love, of familiarity, of rest.  For that I’m grateful.  But, it’s also now an office, a home gym, a movie theater, a school, even sometimes a restaurant. 

One particular client has added marriage venue to his list of new home functions.  

Who could know, years ago, when Chris relocated to Philadelphia and selected a condo with an amazing roof deck that it would one day be the place where he would say “I do” to the love of his life, Melissa? 

After COVID-19 deterred their wedding plans, this savvy couple shifted to tie the knot in the place that brought them peace.  With the view of their new city as the backdrop and family and friends watching on Zoom, Chris and Melissa exchanged vows and created together their new definition of home.

May you forever feel the comfort of voices, smiles and embraces that are familiar and safe.  And in these challenging, unprecedented times, may you always know that your love is extraordinary.

And that, is truly home.