Kristie Bergey



As a resident of Philadelphia’s Fairmount neighborhood since 2004, Kristie is thrilled with the many exciting changes that are occurring throughout the City. Her extensive knowledge of Philadelphia’s diverse neighborhoods, appreciation for its history, and the wide range of lifestyle options available are just some of the reasons Kristie calls Philadelphia her home. A world traveler, Kristie embraces the many cultural differences expressed in the City’s arts, culture, and cuisine.

Throughout her career as a business owner, Kristie has understood the importance of excellent customer service. With a background in event planning, she understands that exceeding the customer’s expectations requires insight, open communication, and building a trusting relationship.

What Her Clients Say…

I cannot thank Kristie enough for finding me my perfect new little home in the city. I was anxious to move and she was so open and receptive to everything that I was looking for, I could not have asked for a better experience! As soon as I was put into contact with Kristie, she immediately took me under her wing and began sending me listings and I was able to find the right place for me within a week. She made sure I was taken care of and felt comfortable in my new home. She is amazing! Thank you Kristie xoxo


Kristie Bergey is fantastic! Who knew that a chance connection would lead me to finding a perfect place to live in the city. I was searching for my new apartment over the last few months with no time due to work. I used my weekends to go to open houses and quick scheduled showings. It was time consuming. I consulted with Kristie for advice on what to do and she was motivated to assist as my agent. I gave her my ideal price range, desired amenities, and location – with in roughly 2 weeks she found the coziest apartment with everything I wanted – especially spacious living. I didn’t need to think about it! I know my next step will be me purchasing a brand new home, and I want Kristie to be apart of that process as well since she has a natural knack for this! I was VERY happy with the end result!


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