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VERY Thankful

The VERY Real Estate team took a few minutes to discuss what they are VERY Thankful for this Thanksgiving and their favorite parts of the holiday!

The one answer that was consistent amongst the VERY Real Estate team is how Elizabeth, Joe and Ben are all thankful for the acceptance of VERY Real Estate by the Philadelphia real estate industry. It’s truly remarkable. In such a short amount of time, we’ve met such wonderful people who we are excited to do business with in the near future.

Elizabeth Convery, Founder of VERY Real Estate, is thankful to be surrounded by people whose love and support keep her motivated and whose opinions challenge her.

Elizabeth’s favorite thing about this holiday is the fact that it’s socially acceptable to eat and drink wine for hours straight. She’s planning on working an elastic waistband into her holiday outfit.

Elizabeth’s favorite dish during the marathon dinner is the celery stuffing and her mom’s famous cranberry relish mold!

Joe Convery, Vice President of VERY Real Estate, had this to say about what he’s most thankful for this year:

“I’m most thankful for this year is the launch of Very Real Estate and the remarkable young woman who had the vision to launch it. Of course I mean my terrific daughter, Elizabeth. Few people would have the courage to do what she is doing. I am sure it will continue to grow. As we say at VERY, “Avanti” that is “move forward”.

Joe’s favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that it is truly an American holiday: a time for family, friends, food and football. It kicks off the holiday season but doesn’t have the stress of gift buying that comes with Christmas.

Joe could not assign a “favorite” food for the big meal. Turkey, while delicious, is his least favorite part. For Joe, it is all the surrounding calorie laden dishes. Throw in a multitude of pies and he’s never leaving the table!

Ben Rubin, General Counsel of VERY Real Estate is thankful that his family and friends are close by.

Ben’s favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the 4-day weekend! Who doesn’t love an extra couple of days off?

Ben’s favorite dish on this holiday is the Thanksgiving sandwich – stuffing, cranberry and turkey on good bread.

The VERY Real Estate team wishes you happy travels, a fun and safe holiday.

Eat, drink and be merry!