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VERY Walkable

Another awesome reason to live in Philadelphia!

Philadelphians are able to do more then just run the Art Museum steps, in a tribute to Rocky. Philadelphia was ranked as the 4th most “walkable” city according to Walk Score, a blog that covers “a range of walkability topics” such as biking, real estate and health.

The blog points to some interesting facts about living in walkable neighborhoods, such as Philadelphia:

  • Health Benefits: The average resident of a walkable neighborhood weighs eight pounds less than someone who lives in a sprawling neighborhood.
  • Social Benefits: People who live in walkable communities are more socially engaged and trusting than those who live in less walkable areas.
  • Economic Benefit: The average American spends over $9,000 per year on their car making cars the second largest expense for most households, costing more than food, clothing and health care.

After reading this blog, we got to thinking, what are the coolest places you can walk in Philadelphia. Here’s a list of some of our favorite walkable places:

  1. The Ben Franklin Bridge – The Bridge offers amazing views of Philadelphia’s skyline. And, if you happen to be a runner, it offers a decent incline for all the speed work!
  2. Food & Beverages– Philadelphia has a rich and tasty restaurant scene, and the VERY Team is made up of “Foodies”. We’re always willing to walk for a delicious meal or fun cocktail. Seriously, too many delicious places to name one!
  3. Culture – Philadelphia’s museums are a great way to spend a day, and most offer fun social events in the evenings – like Art After Five at the Art Museum or walking around Bella Vista/Queen Village checking out the mosaics and murals.
  4. Work – eliminating time on the Schuylkill, I-95 or SEPTA Regional Rail is life changing.

There’s no better way to become acquainted with Philadelphia then walking around the city. Each neighborhood is different, and every season you’ll notice something you hadn’t before.