July 15, 2019

The Summer Slump

People are on vacation. The phone isn’t ringing as frequently. Listings aren’t getting as many showings. There isn’t much new inventory for buyers to view. It’s hot out. The kids are home. The beach is calling my name.

There are endless reasons why us real estate agents may feel like we’re in a summer slump. Things may not be moving at as fast a pace as usual. And how wonderful does it sound to slow down our daily activities to match the pace of the market? Who doesn’t want to stay at home in the AC on a 90 degree day and sip lemonade?

But this “slow down” is one of the best times in our business to start planning for the second half of the year! Falling into the summer slump is one of the worst things a real estate agent can do for their future business.

The daily behaviors we need to do to make us successful real estate agents are like a train. If you stop it, it takes a long time to get the momentum going again.

Keep up with your self-discipline even if it feels like the market and the weather is against you. You’ll be grateful that you did when your fall pipeline is full and producing.