September 13, 2013

Up on the Rooftop

City living can be overwhelming.  Smaller spaces, large buildings, abundant population.  But outdoor spaces can provide the necessary serenity to a bustling urban life.  In addition to its plethora of public parks that provide natural comforts, many Philadelphia residents enjoy unique outdoor living spaces all their own.  In fact, one of the most desirable amenities for an urban home is a roof deck or balcony.  And the City has made it even easier to create rooftop spaces with by-right zoning on all existing homes.

One of my favorite things to do after a long day is watch the sunset on my roof deck.  This little ritual is often accompanied by a bottle of wine and dear friends.   Outdoor living has become a part of my urban lifestyle and even served as an additional entertaining space in my home.  Check out our VERY Pinterest board to see some fun outdoor spaces around the country: Up on the Rooftop