January 5, 2014

VERY 2014: Real Estate Resolutions for the New Year

It’s that time of year! Everyone’s making resolutions about getting in shape, either physically or financially. Below, VERY Real Estate offers helpful real estate resolutions for the New Year.

If you’re hoping to buy a home to live in or invest in during 2014, here are a few New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Understand your credit history and credit score: For better or worse, these will rule your financial life. 
  2. Find the best loan, on the best terms: That means you’ll have to do your homework.
  3. Build the best home-buying team: Whether you’re buying investment property or a home to live in, you’ll want to create a team of real estate professionals who can help you find the right property, at the right price, on the best terms, without any headaches.

If you are trying to sell your home in 2014, you’ll have a different focus. New Year’s Resolutions for home sellers:

  1. Overcome any possible objections a buyer would have:  Buyers are always looking for a reason not to buy your house. Your job as a seller is to eliminate any potential objections that would stand in the way for a buyer to make an offer.
  2. Get your home into selling shape: Cleaning your home is a must. After that, you should consider hiring a stager to give your home the television-worthy polish so many buyers expect. If you’re selling in January, clear out the holiday decorations as quickly as possible.
  3. Be realistic about the market: Find out what types of properties are selling in your area and how many days they’re sitting on the market. Accept the reality of your local market and make sure you price your home realistically.

Whatever New Year resolutions you decided upon, VERY Real Estate wishes you the best of luck!

Happy New Year!