February 18, 2015

VERY Ready For the Season: 10 Guidelines for Keeping Money in Your Pocket

With Spring Selling Season right around the corner, it is VERY important that potential buyers and sellers are aware of all the tips and tricks in preparation for this upcoming season. According to Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff, there are ten money saving rules to a make or break deal. Here is a recap of the ten key guidelines to a VERY profitable season this year.

  1. Know when to list your home. The perfect time for listing your home varies depending on your location. In Philadelphia, the season officially kicks off after the Super Bowl. It’s always a good idea to list is a couple weeks after the major influx of homes are already circulating on the market.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a great idea to buy the “worst” home in the “best” neighborhood because it will not appreciate quickly. Instead, buy the best home you can afford and watch it appreciate in time.
  3. When looking for that perfect agent, keep in mind that gender matters! According to Zillow’s research, women are more willing to negotiate and sell your home quicker, while men will keep you closer to your original asking price.
  4. Buy or Rent? This timely rule says that if you plan on staying in a home for two or more years, you should buy it. There is always an exception, but the current interest rate environment is making a VERY purchase attractive.
  5. “Once you know about an up-and-coming, hot neighborhood, it’s already happened,” says Rascoff. Pinpoint that up and coming neighborhood and search for homes surrounding that area in what is known as the “halo.” The halo is most likely the next “up-and-coming” area, so get ahead of the game! Just look at Point Breeze as a prime example of the Graduate Hospital heat up in recent years.
  6. Fun Fact. When searching for that “up-and-coming” neighborhood, keep an eye out for a Starbucks. This small coffee shop could be the difference in your home appreciating from 65% to 96%.
  7. The bathroom is a better investment when remodeling a room in the house. Kitchens require too many personal touches and a potential buyer may not agree with your choice of granite or back-splash. Lucky you because a bathroom renovation is the cheaper option!
  8. Do not waste money on renovating a basement. Focus on more living space like adding a story to your home.
  9. It’s all about the name. Living on a “court,” “way” or “lane,” could increase you homes value 2 to 3 percent more than a home on a “boulevard” or a “street.” Also, keep in mind that unique addresses are always welcome.
  10. The power is in the numbers. Prices with 316 and the 8 are good lucky in some cultures while 666 is unlucky. Depending on the demographic of the buyers in your area, the numbers will pay off.

Do not let the start of the Spring Selling Season stress you out. Rely on VERY educate you on all the tips and tricks to boost your bank account and make this season a successful one. Take these easy tips to help save you money and be VERY happy in your home buying or selling experience!

For more information, check out the Article via ABC news Here!